Absorbine Fungasol Ointment 13 oz

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  • Brand:W. F. Young, Inc.
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Treatment for horse fungal or bacterial skin conditions

Fungasol® is proven to treat a range of fungal and bacterial skin conditions, making it a great first line of defense, even if the exact nature of an equine skin problem isn’t readily apparent. Clean, treat, and protect your horse’s skin with a gentle formula that includes tea tree oil and a powerful Biopolysan® booster ingredient derived from coconuts to enhance the formula’s efficiency. Use separately, or as a complete system to treat even the toughest skin conditions.

  • Spray: quick and easy for wide range of applications, penetrates thick coats
  • Ointment: forms a protective layer over affected areas; perfect for pastern dermatitis and patches of flaky skin
  • Patented Biopolysan® technology, derived from coconuts, is proven to boost the effectiveness of the formula
  • Fights tough conditions including rain rot; dry, flaky skin; wound bacteria; girth itch; dew poisoning; pastern dermatitis (scratches/greasy heel); and ringworm
  • Soothes and helps treat tail itching and rubbing
Available In:
  • 22 fl. oz. Spray Bottle
  • 13 oz. Ointment Tub


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