Sweet Cherry BBQ Pellets

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Our Bear Mountain Hood River Cherry BBQ Pellets are made with 100% cherry wood blended with Pacific Northwest alder base wood. Cherry wood, like apple, is fantastic with nearly any cut of meat and provides a nice sweet smoke flavor. Many competition BBQ cooks use cherry to achieve a dense smoke ring and sweet, mildly tart distinctive and delicious smoke flavor. Cherry wood is the perfect choice when cooking dark meats, so if your planning on smoking a roast, ribs or brisket, look no further. The alder base wood of the pellets adds a neutral, balanced smoke that also makes our Hood River Cherry BBQ pellets excellent for adding flavor to beans, nuts, cheeses and so many more foods and recipes.

Bear Mountain BBQ pellets are made from 100% natural hardwoods, with NO binders, waxes or unknown “secret ingredient.” They are flavored with 100% REAL hardwoods, not oils or additives and can be used on ALL outdoor BBQ grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, and of course the SMOKE CHIEF by Smokehouse Products. Our BBQ pellets are famous for their quality and consistency so that you know each time you make your favorite recipe, it’s going to have the same great taste you have come to expect.


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