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Confidence EQ® Equine Appeasing Pheromone Gel

Confidence EQ® is an Equine Appeasing Pheromone Gel that uses pheromone technology to reduce stress in horses. Confidence EQ® duplicates the pheromone that is naturally produced by mares to provide reassurance to their foals while nursing. The presence of this pheromone signals that the environment is safe and secure to the adult horse.


  • Helps horses manage new or unexpected stimuli
  • Helps build confidence in horses undergoing stressful situations such as trailering, training, environmental changes, loud noises, etc.
  • Assists with environmental changes, such as moving to a new stable, going indoors/outdoors, new owner/caretaker, and more
  • Aids in social situations, such as foal weaning, meeting new stablemates, or pasture mates
  • Great for farrier visits, veterinary visits, dental visits
  • Aids in dealing with loud noises, large crowds, thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, motor vehicles

Item Specifications:

Each box comes with 10 5mL gel packets

Directions For Use: 
Divide one packet of gel in half, applying equal portions to the bottom edge of each nostril. Apply approximately 30 minutes before the stressful situation is to occur. Repeat application every 2 - 2.5 hours, if necessary. Appropriate for horses of all ages.


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