Ewe So Dirty Poison Oak Ivy Soap

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Fantastic results with this all-natural cold process soap!

Also a brilliant treatment for other issues with Chemical Irritant Contact Dermatitis which can be associated with working with plant material in many farming applications!

As a daily skin soap, you just can not beat this soap! It must be the tannins in the bark and all the other herbs that make this soap my favorite daily-use soap! It leaves the skin fresh and soft as a baby's behind!

This bar is LOADED with a ton of botanicals and will be quite abrasive...and that is a good thing if you have a wicked case of poison oak!  Oh, the itchiness!!!  Rub away my friend, rub away!  But don't wash it off...leave the soap on!

Contains: Bentonite Clay, Birch Bark, Willow Bark, Plantain Leaf, Sassafras, Elder Flower & Colloidal Oatmeal,  Jewel Weed, Noni, Olive Leaf, Burdock root and lemongrass.


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