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Because play equals prey for frisky felines, the Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker Ground Prey Wand Teaser Cat Toy will keep them stimulated for hours. Designed by the superstar cat behaviorist, this wand is made for cats who love a ground pursuit. Drag it along the floor to mimic the motion of a mouse, and watch him start pouncing and chasing! It’s great for building his confidence, which in turn gives him mojo. The telescoping wand can be made longer or shorter so that you direct the play.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive cat wand is great for cats with ground pursuit interests like mice, squirrels and bugs.
  • Use twitching, unpredictable movements as you play to simulate a moving target in the wild.
  • Telescoping feature allows you to make the handle longer or shorter and direct the play.
  • Increases your kitty’s mojo, confidence and overall sense of well-being by satisfying one of his raw, natural instincts.
  • Wand, cord and toy is 64 inches long when fully extended; comes with one ground prey toy.


Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Observe your pet with the toy for suitability. Some toys may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove and replace toy if it becomes damaged.


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