Drought Buster Grass Seed

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Drought Buster® is a blend of three turf-type tall fescue varieties with each variety bringing positive attributes to the blend, such as better heat tolerance, disease resistance, resisting insects, and hot and cold weather performance. Drought Buster® will have a lower growth habit and a very dark green color. Drought Buster® will fill in quicker because of the aggressive spreading nature of the varieties we use in the blend. Leaf texture will be medium. It can be used on soccer fields, baseball outfields, parks, homes, and golf course roughs. The end result of Drought Buster® is a greener, more manicured look.

  • Fine/Medium blade texture.
  • All-year green and low growth habit. “dwarf”.
  • Drought & heat tolerant
  • Dark green color
  • Deep Roots
  • Less Water


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