Golden Fire Starter Gel

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1.00 LBS

Product Overview

Start your fires quickly and easily with Bear Mountain Fire Starter Gel. This biodegradable, clean-burning gel is ideal for starting fires in your pellet and wood stove, or take it with you to your next BBQ or campfire.  The thick gel stays where you put it and lights up quickly, and stays lit long enough to get your fire burning with just one match. You can even recycle the 16 oz. plastic bottle it comes in!

Product Features:

Quickly light your fireplace, grill, campfire or stove with one match even in wet conditions

Biodegradable formula burns clean, safe and is odorless

Can be used with wood pellets, logs or charcoal

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Do not use in decorative firepots

Made in the USA, Manufactured in Oregon

16 oz. bottle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review