Equis Element

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Product Overview

Give your adult horse, pony or miniature the daily giddyap they need with Equis Element. High fiber, high fat, but lower in carbohydrates, it provides the well-balanced nutrition your favorite equine needs every day to be active, strong and healthy.



  • Equis® Element is a controlled carbohydrate feed for horses needing safer energy sources. Element is the smart option when managing special needs horses for total non structural carbohydrates in their diets.
  • Equis Element is convenient when feeding a wide range of nutritional needs due to its relatively low feeding rate and energy value. The dry, pelleted qualities of Element make this feed easy to store and manage.
  • Equis Element features SelPlex® from Alltech® as a natural selenium source in response to the low availability of this trace mineral in northwest forages.
  • Includes Alltech® BioMOS® and Diamond V Yeast Culture® at manufacturer„s recommended levels for your horse„s digestive wellness and immune balance through nutritional excellence.
  • Includes Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. Equis Feeds contain complexed trace minerals including zinc, manganese and copper. These minerals may only be required in small amounts each day, but they play a critical role in numerous metabolic functions that affect the health of the horse.
  • Formulated and manufactured in the Northwest for the northwest equine.


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