Equis Generation

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Product Overview

Equis Generation was designed especially to meet the nutritional needs of multiple equine generations: breeding stallions, mares in their last trimester and during lactation, and growing foals. It„s a balanced, concentrated diet containing vitamins and minerals blended with multiple quality protein, fiber and energy sources essential for the health of the mare and foal.



  • Equis® Generation is a well balanced supplement to a high quality forage source. Vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the health of the mare, stallion and foal are blended with multiple quality proteins, fibers and energy sources.
  • Trust in the fixed formulation. Equis formulas stay consistent every batch.
  • Includes Alltech® BioMOS® and Diamond V Yeast Culture® at manufacturer„s recommended levels for your horse„s digestive wellness and immune balance through nutritional excellence.
  • Equis Generation features SelPlex® from Alltech® as a natural yeast derived selenium source in response to the low availability of this trace mineral in northwest forages.
  • Includes Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. Equis Feeds contain complexed trace minerals including zinc, manganese and copper. These minerals may only be required in small amounts each day, but they play a critical role in numerous metabolic functions that affect the health of the horse.
  • Manufactured in the Northwest for the northwest equine. Enjoy the benefits of a premium feed at an affordable cost.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review